The Perfect MMO - a point of view

Since the first MMOs hit the market many years ago, they have proven themselves to be a recipe for success. Unlike classic games, they are a source of substantial revenues many years after their launch, either by subscription or items sold in the cash shops.

It’s a hard task to choose the best MMORPG games, the ones you should be playing right now or in the near future. But here at MMORPG Gate we want to tell you the names you must pay attention to; the games that you should play, because they’re some of the finest examples of their kind. This is a top that is constantly changing, so make sure to visit often.

Top 10 upcoming MMORPG Games

Welcome to MMORPG Gate's Top 10 upcoming MMORPG Games. This listing comprises the games that we are more excited about, and is frequently updated. Let us know if you agree with our choices and leave your suggestions in the comments section.

10 things you hate about MMORPGs

We all love on-line games, or else we wouldn’t be here in the first place, would we? Every day you come home from work or school, tired, bored, stressed, and what a better way to relax than a few hours spent in the world of your favorite MMORPG? You like your mighty paladin/mage/rogue/etc., doing some quests, hunting, maybe an instance or two.

Real Life vs MMORPGs

Games always had a certain charm on people. The kind of charm that made you spend hours in a row in order to pass a level, to skip classes to finish a game, or simply neglect everything and everyone around you trying to kill a boss. Honestly, I don't think there is anyone who didn't do this at least once.

Copycats - Is it worth being original anymore?

Let's face it... People always had a tendency to copy others. Everyone did it at least once during their lives although some find it hard to admit. It somehow became a reflex. Remember when you were young and you tried to dress and act like the stars you saw on T.V.? And later, when you became a teenager and started to copy the guys you thought were cool...

Official vs Private MMORPG servers

Ever since computer games rocked our world there were certain individuals out there who were not willing to pay for it. The industry tried by any means to stop them. They ranged from simple methods of CD check or unique serial numbers to more complicated methods like DRMs or items needed to finish the game which came along with the original game box.

MMORPGs that failed (and why)

Some MMORPGs failed to capture players’ attention because they were ahead of their time. Others failed because the developers didn’t have a clear goal in mind. And others simply due to the saturated market that just couldn’t bear another generic and dull MMORPG. We delve through some of those games and try to find out what went wrong.

Whoops! Mistakes in the MMORPG world

Developing a MMORPG is an arduous and long-term task, and when the game finally hits the shelves the work is still far from finished. Any false step may compromise all your efforts, be it during the design phase or while watching over the community. Some of the best known examples of the genre and other, yet unreleased names...

Sensuality and the MMORPG

A sensual cover can sell just by itself. In video games it’s an absolute truth, with adolescents and young adults always interested in the new Tomb Raiders and such, drooling at the thousands of polygons used to render Miss Lara’s chest. In MMO games it’s not so different. Marketing executives usually resort to beautiful girls to adorn ads and cover shots, trying to appeal to the significant 18-34 year old male demographic.

Permanent Death in MMORPGs

Although permanent death (or permadeath, how it’s sometimes called) was made famous by Diablo II with it’s infamous “hardcore mode”, it has a history which goes way back in the stone-age of online games, MUD’s… Even though it used to be quite familiar back then, with time, due mostly to marketing decisions and most player’s reluctance, is now an endangered species…

Star Trek OnlineStar Trek Online Closed Beta Preview

There couldn’t be a better time for releasing the first Star Trek massively multiplayer online game. The new and acclaimed movie is still fresh in the viewer’s minds, and the sequel is already in production. Experienced MMO developer Cryptic is handling the game, soon after the release of Champions Online, a competent superhero MMO.

Aion or Fallen Earth: Which one are you?

Some days are better than others. With two eagerly awaited MMORPGs released in the exact same day things couldn’t be better. But... let’s say you only have money for one of them. Which one tickles your fancy? Or, in other words, what is your favorite setting? Are you a post-apocalyptic junkie, loved the Mad Max movies and played all the Fallout games? Can’t wait for id Software’s Rage?

Grinding: Love it or hate it?

Grinding... Nightmare of gamers worldwide, fun-killer, boredom generator; I am sure most of you already heard of it, and even more, encountered it at least once in their gamer-life. Though many have tried, few are the ones who actually managed to make a game that truly passed the grinding trap. Farming, hunting, camping, it doesn't really matter how you call it.

Canceled MMOs that would have rocked

In the ruthless world of MMOs only the strong survive, and even a established franchise isn’t a guarantee of success. Take Halo, for example, it would be perfect for such a genre. but yet development failed. Other games are canceled due to budget, development problems (like technical issues or poor developer-publisher relations) and what-not. But we still want to play them.

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