Developer: Sony Online Entertainment

Genre: Espionage

Status: Canceled (March 31, 2011)

Release Date: Canceled

Official Website

The Agency is a fast-paced, online persistent shooter in a modern setting of bullets, bomb blasts, and betrayal. Live the life of an elite agent in a world of super spies and rugged mercenaries, who use both the highest technology and the lowest tactics to accomplish their goals. Featuring cooperative and competitive play, The Agency is designed to provide instant action and long-term strategy for all fans of espionage, intrigue, and explosive gameplay.


* Become An Elite Agent: The Agency offers hundreds of unique missions with varied end-goals requiring combat, stealth, and style. With gameplay ranging from sneaky assassinations to all out assaults, from vehicle challenges to casinos loaded with mini-games, there’s something for every aspiring agent.

* Build Your Own Agency: As players advance through the ranks of their faction, they’ll also begin building their own Agencies. Players will increase their power even further by creating Joint Agencies with others.

* Mercenary or spy, the choice is yours: In The Agency, collect the right weaponry, gadgets, vehicles, gear, attire and aliases to gain access to various locales and influence over the people within them.

* Put Operatives to work: Operatives are collectible non-player characters who provide the goods player’s desire, the services to keep them alive, and allow them to concentrate on the mission at hand. Operatives work 24/7, regardless of whether players are logged in, and they can even keep them up-to-date through email and instant messages.

* Fun Now, No Waiting: The Agency is not about waiting for the fun to start. At any point, players can take a break from their high-flying career to engage in a number of other activities. Veterans and new players alike can take on other players at the card tables, the shooting range, or in head-to-head combat.


SOE cancels The Agency - March 31, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment announced that they canceled their spy MMO game The Agency, as part of a restructuring that also led to the closing of three studios: Denver, Seattle and Tucson.

The Agency: Covert Ops on Facebook - May 8, 2010
It seems that the playable version of The Agency that was teased a few weeks ago is now alive and kicking. And, just as we predicted, it's not the MMO itself, but a Facebook game, called The Agency: Covert Ops.

The Agency: playable version soon - April 4, 2010
Sony Online Entertainment is taking its time with their PC and PS3 MMO spy-shooter The Agency. Some rumors pointed out to a release by the end of 2010, but nothing has been...

SOE and The Agency Covert Ops - February 25, 2010
Sony Online Entertainment is hard at work on MMO shooter The Agency, but haven't really talked much about it lately. So, when a trademark for The Agency Covert Ops is found...