DUST 514

Developer: CCP

Genre: Science Fiction

Status: In development

Release Date: TBA

DUST 514, featuring first-person shooter and RTS-style gameplay, will interact directly with EVE Online, CCP’s critically acclaimed flagship MMO. This interplay between the two games opens the EVE universe to console gamers and gives them a chance to become part of one of the most massive cooperative play and social experiences ever.

The primary gameplay of DUST 514 features brutal ground combat that takes place on the surface of planets from EVE, delivering the visceral, adrenaline-fueled experience of futuristic firefights. Developed for the current generation of consoles, DUST 514 combines equal parts battlefield reflexes and strategic planning, giving commanders and ground infantry real-time configurable weapons and modular vehicles to manage dynamic battlefield conditions.

DUST 514 is the primary development focus of CCP’s Shanghai studio. The team includes veteran designers of EVE Online and experienced talent from various sectors of the video game industry.

DUST 514 DUST 514 DUST 514

EVE Online (May 2003)

DUST 514 PC Petition - August 25, 2009
The announcement of DUST 514, a MMO FPS set in the EVE Online universe and meant to be a fully functional part of the space MMO divided opinions.

DUST 514: EVE Online related MMOFPS revealed - August 18, 2009
During the Game Developers Conference in Germany, CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson announced that their new project is called DUST 514, a hybrid MMO FPS/RTS for consoles.