Genre: Comics

Status: Released

Release Date: October 26, 2010

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Even if you already know that MMOG stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Game,” you may not realize what that says about LEGO Universe, the first MMOG for LEGO fans!

For starters, MMOGs stand apart from other types of video games largely because a MMOG can host huge numbers of players at once. LEGO Universe is a GIANT online world where hundreds of thousands of fans from all over earth will safely build, play and pal around together!

The first creation all those fans will make upon entering LEGO Universe is their own custom LEGO minifigure. Once you become your little LEGO person, you’ll have space and freedom to build, quest, battle bad guys, explore, make new friends or show off your incredible LEGO creations!

In addition to the enormous number of people that can play at once, MMOG’s are special because their action happens in “persistent” gameworlds. That just means that the gaming fun never stops! 24 hours per day, somebody somewhere will be having a blast playing and customizing LEGO Universe!

So, the word “gameworld” only scratches the surface of what this incredible virtual playground is. LEGO Universe will be built up from scores of your favorite LEGO worlds and themes from the past present and future. Imagine discovering pirates, knights, ninjas, dragons, mechs and many more fun and mysterious characters as you explore and adventure!

What’s more, players will continually unlock new worlds that they’ll customize and enhance with their creativity! LEGO Universe could become any of an almost infinite number of gameworlds depending on how you play and what you want to build and create. It’s truly an ever-expanding and changing universe: A LEGO Universe without end…

Featured Video

LEGO Universe is Gold - September 3, 2010
NetDevil announced that LEGO Universe has achieved Gold status. The game is scheduled for October 26 in North America, in both PC and Mac. The beta will run until the game is released.

LEGO Universe launches in October - June 17, 2010
LEGO Universe will launch in October in the US and Europe. The family-friendly MMO will be in stores on 26th October, but the game will be made available early, from 12th October...

Warner Bros. distributes LEGO Universe - June 7, 2010
Warner Bros. Interactive announced that they will distribute the LEGO Universe MMO worldwide. There's still no final release date for the NetDevil developed online game.

LEGO Universe subscriptions detailed - May 17, 2010
We recently knew that the pre-orders for LEGO Universe were about to open, and now we know how much the different subscriptions for this MMO will cost.

LEGO Universe pre-orders: May 14th - May 11, 2010
NetDevil revealed the date for the start of pre-orders on LEGO Universe. From May 14th, players will be able to order the LEGO MMO game and gain one free limited edition LEGO universe minifigurine.

LEGO Universe Beta sign-ups - February 9. 2010
If you're fond of video games and Legos - grown up or not - then there's a good chance you'll want to check out LEGO Universe.

Lego Universe CES 2010 trailer - January 10. 2010
Just as predicted, Lego presented the MMO LEGO Universe during the CES 2010. Among info and screenshots, we had the opportunity to watch the first trailer...

LEGO Universe to be shown at CES - January 6. 2010
It's been a long time since we've had any concrete news from LEGO Universe. It seems that NetDevil will be publicly presenting this MMO for the first time at the CES 2010...