Customers who pre-order Fallen Earth are in for a treat. Or two. They will not only receive Open Beta access and Early Access to live servers on September 9, but Pre-orders also come with a free 30-day subscription and a Fallen Earth custom item.

It could be a custom all-terrain vehicle (ATV) if you buy directly from the developers, or a nice horse mount called Wasteland Runner if you order from Direct2Drive.

Here are the stats for those interested:

* additional protection through elevated armor and defense skills
* 150 more hit points
* 10 percent higher fuel efficiency
* a 33 percent larger gas tank
* four more storage slots than basic ATVs
* custom paint job and rims

* requirement Level 10 horse with the stats of a Level 12 horse
* additional range and cargo space
* four more points of defensive skills
* 2500 more Stamina
* six more pack slots than other horses