Future and Blizzard partnered to the release of World of Warcraft: The Magazine, a new publication devoted to the leading MMO World of Warcraft. Global editions in English, French, Spanish and German are going to launch simultaneously this fall.

World of Warcraft: The Magazine is a new quarterly publication that covers all aspects of the industry-leading MMORPG, from game content to the players themselves. The new magazine will be available via subscription only, sold through World of Warcraft Account Management or direct from www.worldofwarcraftthemagazine.com (which launches at 9.00PST/17.00GMT on Friday, 21st August) The magazine is available as a one or two-year subscription, pricing for one year is $39.95 in the US and 34.95 EUR or 29.95 GBP in Europe - two year subscription packages cost $69.95 in the US, 61.25 EUR or 52.50 GBP.

Each collectable issue will be packed with engaging, entertaining and comprehensive articles that cover all aspects of World of Warcraft through insider insights and player perspectives.

The first issue of World of Warcraft: The Magazine packs 148 pages with insightful articles and beautiful artwork that World of Warcraft players are sure to enjoy.