Aion had quite a busy launch in North America and Europe, with players extremely furious at the long queues to finally play one of the most awaited MMORPGs of the last years. Standing in a queue of 2000 players is something only the most patient can endure - and still. Clearly, NCsoft underestimated the server needs for Aion, something which is bad news in a way, but great news because it means the game had quite a sucessful launch.

Now, answering to players' cries - they're paying customers, after all - NCsoft opened two more servers: Deltras in French (named after the renowned Storm Legion’s Centurion himself. The Storm Legion was the first to explore the Abyss, and its members were the first of Elyseans to discover the Asmodians) and Kahrun in English (A famous legend from the world of Atreia tells of two Empyrean Lords falling in love with each other – against the will of Aion. Kahrun was their child. The legend was never meant to be told, leaving Kahrun’s name engulfed in a mist of secrets and uncertainty).

NCsoft also revealed they're working on a feature to to transfer characters from one server to another. This system should be ready in a couple of months.