Champions Online had a successful release but there is still a lot to do for Cryptic Studios. Balancing is far from over, and among the extremely costly retcons and other player complaints, there is something major coming in the economy. A dev blog post explains all, but we'll sum it up to you.

The number of white upgrade drops in the world is increased by a substantial amount – close to double. The curve on resources gained for selling upgrades to stores is also flattened, meaning that players will get a lot more for white primaries, a little less for blues and purples. This equates to distributing about the same overall potential resources while skewing gains to the lower end.

The amount of resources for defeating all enemies is increased, meaning not only players will naturally get more for doing missions, but also get more by helping others on their missions or by sweeping the streets. Also increased are the resources collected for mission rewards specifically.

The retcon pricing curve is going to be much gentler so that players can undo more decisions at any time.

Finally, a free retcon will be issued for all heroes when the economy changes go Live since it will take a little time for the effects of the new economy to allow players to build up a retcon bankroll.