Cryptic Studios has a new poll in the Champions Online website, asking players what new zones they would like to see implemented in the game.

There's no guarantee that the winning area will actually appear in future updates, but it's an interesting way to collect opinions.

You can vote here, but we'll leave you the choices anyway:

Modern Urban (super-crime in modern-day cities)
Dark Urban (gritty street crime in run-down cities)
Exotic Wilderness (mountain-top monasteries, hidden valleys)
Mysterious Locations (Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge)
Other Dimensions (the Astral Plane, Faerie, the Netherworld)
Alternate Earth (alternate reality, alternate history)
Outer Space (Moon, Mars, Alien Worlds)
Historical Time Travel (ancient Egypt, Dark Ages)
Future Time Travel (high-tech future, post-apocalypse)