Atari, IGN and Scion launched a new and very interesting competition, where the winner receives a brand new, customized Scion XB car.

Create the ultimate hero in Champions Online and you can win a brand-new Scion XB – customized to reflect the individuality of your hero – along with other great prizes!

Read the instructions below.

IGN users will vote on the ultimate Champion to determine the winner, so sign up today by visiting Users will be instructed to do the following:

1. Register an account with Champions Online (no purchase necessary)
2. Enter the Contest on
3. Download and install the character creator
4. Create your champions in the character creator and submit

Qualified users will be able to create and submit their own uniquely customized characters. There is no need to purchase Champions Online to enter the contest and each contestant may submit up to five entries. IGN will pare down the submission pool to the top 200 characters, with Cryptic selecting the best ten for IGN to post online. Online users vote for their favorite, and the winner will not only have his or her character integrated in a future content expansion of Champions Online but will also receive a Scion.

Contest participants must be legal U.S. residents 18 years or older and must register with both IGN and Cryptic. IGN collects/verifies contest’s legal requirements (ex. age, residence). The contest requires the Cryptic Launcher. For gamers not currently playing Champions Online, there will be a contest specific installer available for download from IGN. For current players, simply connect to the contest ‘shard’ to automatically install a small patch. The shard is only available after registering for the contest with IGN. Entrants must be online to create and submit their characters.