Vogster Entertainment, developer of CrimeCraft MMOG, shut down the Chicago studio. The rumor story that surfaced at GiantBomb wasn't entirely true - it was reported that CrimeCraft developer Vogster Entertainment may have shut down -, but had some truth in it.

Vogster clarifies this by stating that with the release of CrimeCraft the changes were necessary and now the focus is on updating and releasing new content for CrimeCraft, along with the development of yet to be announced titles.

Here is the press release:

Vogster Entertainment Announces Resource Reallocation

NEW YORK, NY, September 17, 2009 – Vogster Entertainment, LLC, an international innovator in video game design, today announced a restructuring to focus its resources toward the enhancement and expansion of content for their recently launched CrimeCraft shooter-MMO hybrid. With two titles completed in the last three months, the company has made significant staffing changes as it transitions from launch team to live team in the ongoing support of CrimeCraft. Vogster’s New York-area headquarters remains fully operational and committed to the development and production of existing and future titles.

“Vogster has seen a number of releases this year. As an independent developer, we need to be very strategic in our use of available resources and shift from already launched titles to support the ongoing development and growth of CrimeCraft,” stated Daniel Prousline, vice president of development at Vogster. “We regret the necessary staffing changes and the talented employees that this impacts, but it is an unavoidable step in moving to the operational stage of CrimeCraft and optimizing for the development of yet to be announced titles.”

CrimeCraft will see a number of significant content additions in the coming year, in addition to a series of soon to be revealed updates and major announcements which will take place at an upcoming San Francisco press event.