EVE Online seems to be very prolific in financial scandals. After the famous scandal that lead to a creation of a Council of Stellar Management. In fact, the very council is at the root of the new problem, as council member Adam Rigway has resigned his position:

"On Thursday, September 3rd, Adam Ridgway (aka Larkonis Trassler) bought items worth of 2.5 billion ISK in order to stockpile those items before a game design change would be implemented. Further 2.5 billion was traded in these same items earlier that night based on the same information but through another character. This was purely speculative since this particular game design has not been finalized yet and at this point the effect of the change in question is not known.

However, insider information was used as the basis of this trade and that is not according to the standards that we set for members of the Council of Stellar Management or employees of CCP.

Adam Ridgway realized his mistake and decided to step down from his post as a member of the Council of Stellar Management. He will be replaced by Michele Boland, aka. Issler Dainze."

Read more, including a statement from CCP.