Post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth has once again been delayed, from its latest release date of September 15th to September 22nd. It’s just a matter of a week, but it’s also the second delay of the kind. Why? Let’s hear from the developers (thanks to WarCry):

In an announcement today, FALLEN EARTH, LLC, the creator of the self-titled MMO, noted that it plans to extend the launch date for Fallen Earth to September 22.

"Our main focus is to make sure that Fallen Earth is easily accessible to as many fans as possible," said Jessica Orr, product manager for Fallen Earth. "We are working on initiatives that are near fruition and we simply need more time."

Pre-order customers will still enter Early Access on September 9, with an additional six days of access before the live program begins. Stay tuned to Fallen Earth on Twitter @FallenEarth and through