Speaking with ZAM, NetDevil President, Scott Brown, discussed several issues regarding Jumpgate Evolution, including the tentative release date and the fact that it will be supported by a subscription model.

"ZAM: Realistically speaking, would you say Q1 2010 is probably a good time frame?

Scott: That's a good guess, certainly. To be honest with you, there is, literally, not a date, but that's a pretty good guess. It's what I'd like to do, certainly, and it's what all of our backers really want us to do. As much as we want to push and keep making it better, I think developers always want to push and make it better. It’s publisher support that's key. Now that we're part of that bigger company, they get it. Only great games sell, and there are no shortcuts. They want us to launch soon too, but they believe in quality first, so that's exciting."