NCsoft is working on a major graphic overhaul for Aion, a MMORPG that still manages to be one of the most beautiful nowadays. The nine-minute trailer can be seen below, and is entitled Aion Vision. The official description goes like this:

As the Daevas dream, they see Atreia's future
The future of Aion—revealed!
Your dreams your imagination becomes reality.
With innovation Aion will make your imagination into reality.
Aion's future will be your dreams made real.
Never ending Challenge, AION.

However, there's a lot of mystery surrounding this trailer. Is it a game update, or more likely the first expansion pack? Mounts are something new to Aion and they are featured in this video, like the Chocobo-style one.

Now we'll have to wait for new info from NCsoft. They have our full attention!