Cryptic posted the details on the next Champions Online update, after Blood Moon. This is called Nemesis Confrontation and will be released November 24th.

Here's the official synopsis, and there's more to read on the official website, along with new screens.

Extra-dimensional Adversaries

The halls at the UNITY headquarters are silent and tense. Very, very tense. Using his vast array of deep space scanners, the super-scientist Mentiac has detected a dangerous anomaly - a Qliphothic Rift in space.

Mentiac speaks of entropic energy surges and quantum disturbances, an unstable threat which must be investigated further. Powerful UNITY mystics known as Dr. Black and Dr. White call it a gateway into the Shining Dark, a dimension where incredibly powerful ancient gods plot the destruction of our reality. Both agree: This rift must be stopped, and only the best and strongest of superheroes has a chance of coming out of this alive.

What UNITY doesn’t know is that there is a group of powerful super villains working together in service of this diabolical force. Those heroes who rise to the challenge will traverse the depths of space to find themselves facing fearsome alien gladiators, awesomely empowered Nemeses, as well as the greatest enemy humanity as ever known: Shadow Destroyer!

The Nemesis Confrontation update will be available to all players starting Tuesday, November 24. Here are some of the new features you will be able to enjoy:

* New Costume Sets! Two new costume sets based on the adversaries you battle inside the lair.

* New Nemesis Lair! Break out of an intergalactic prison to square off against your Nemesis and the evil Shadow Destroyer. This team-based endgame Lair sets your heroes against your Nemeses recruited by Destroyer himself!

* New Perks! Complete all new perks to unlock items and Costume Sets.