Atari and Cryptic Studios bring us a new event just in time for the holidays: Champions Online - Attack of the Misfit Toys.

Within the event psychotic badguy Black Harlequin has made deadly changes to all the toys being given out in Millennium City. He's even brought along his own giant, murderous mecha-teddy, Clarence, to have some fun, now it’s your chance to save the day and make it a holiday worth celebrating in Millennium City.

Here are some of the new features you will be able to enjoy:

* A Special Holiday Event! Confront and defeat Black Harlequin to save the holidays for everyone. But beware, where Black Harlequin goes, the dreaded Clarence is sure to follow.

* New Costume Pieces! New robotic costume pieces, including a steampunk monocle.

* New Action Figures! Travel around outdoor zones and assemble seven new action figures.

* New Perks! Complete them all to earn special costume upgrades.

Champions Online also has a new referral program running and an iPhone app, Champions Companion.