Cities XL MMOGMonte Cristo has a treat for all Cities XL players. The upcoming Christmas pack, to be released this week both for solo and online players brings some seasonal and permanent cosmetic enhancements to all cities in the Cities XL universe:

Christmas decorations

This is the time of year when citizens all around the world decorate their homes with lovely tinsels and city councils compete for the most beautiful Christmas markets and city lights.

Here, at Monte Cristo, we did not forget about your cities: for the whole Christmas period, streets and houses will brighten up with various decorations, tinsels and trees. And if you watch closely, you might even catch an old man dressed in red on his brand new sledge!

Turn the lights on!

Turning the daylight cycle to night time to see all these decorations light up, one cannot fail to notice a new permanent feature introduced with this patch: a delicate glowing light now falls from the lampposts, while cars drive around the streets with full headlights on!

Cities at night are now much more lively, and we are looking forward to some nice postcard screenshots!