There's a new iPhone App available, once again emerging from an MMOG. We've had Champions Online Companion and we're expecting the Fallen Earth app, but Vogster Entertainment already released CrimeCraft: Kingpin to the iTunes Store.

This is a free game that extends the universe of the MMO shooter CrimeCraft. Here are the features:

* Extends the CrimeCraft universe - gives players a deeper look into the crime-blasted, post-apocalyptic world of Sunrise City

* Start a gang, perform missions and contracts to earn cash, sign up your friends to build your reputation

* Coordinate attacks and taunt your enemies across both platforms using the in-game messaging system

* A simple yet deep combat system gives you control over skills, weapons, and armor load-outs

* Achievements in Kingpin unlock special items in CrimeCraft, the full-scale TPS MMO for PC, and vice versa

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