Final Fantasy XIV MMORPGThe Final Fantasy XIV Beta test application site is now open, so all fans can flood the inscription page. This is the page for North American applications only, but don't fear - Europe and other PAL regions also get to subscribe, only in a different page. However, the Beta test is for the PC version only, and don't forget to read the fine print - stuff like having a Square Enix account, or being capable of submitting bug reports in either Japanese, English, French, or German.

Also, take note of the Beta Testers selection process:

- Tester selection will be based solely upon the content of applications. Selected individuals will be contacted via e-mail.
* Priority will not be given to applications based on order of submission.
- There will be several rounds of tester selection, with the total number of participants increasing each time.
- Once selected, participants will be able to continue in their role until the end of the Beta Test phase.
- Submitted applications will be considered for each round of tester selections. It is not necessary to reapply.

This Beta test actually means that the release is closer than we predicted, so expect to hear a lot more about Final Fantasy XIV Online in the next months.