We already knew the pricing details for Global Agenda, but we were still left wondering when this "no elves" MMO shooter would be released. Hi-Rez Studios finally came forth and let us know the official release date.

So, expect to see Global Agenda in stores on February 1, 2010. Pre-Orders are already available through Steam, Amazon and the official site, featuring a lot of benefits:

* Participate in the Global Agenda Beta – Players that pre-order will gain access to Global Agenda beta events in January. Note that the beta servers are available for play only during specific play test windows, and that tests may be limited to only certain game features. To participate in the Global Agenda beta, you must register your Product Key online at the Global Agenda website following your pre-purchase. Registered beta participants will receive specific test instructions prior to each Closed Beta test event, as the events are announced.

* Exclusive In-Game Head Flair – Players that activate their Product Key on the Global Agenda website prior to February 1, 2010, will receive a special in-game helmet captured from the Commonwealth and exclusive Elf head flair.

* Reserve Your Player Name and Agency Name - Gain access to Global Agenda’s pre-launch “Name Reserve” event, in which players are given the opportunity to reserve their in-game name ahead of launch day (exact dates for the Name Reserve event to be announced). Players that also pre-subscribe to the "Global Agenda: Conquest" gameplay will be able to reserve an Agency name during the Name Reserve event.

* Pre-Download the Game – Download the game early to ensure you are ready to play immediately at launch.

In addition, all players that purchase Global Agenda have the ability to sign up for one free month of a Global Agenda: Conquest subscription at registration (credit card required, can be cancelled at any time).