It's a well known fact that playing MMORPGs is a lot more interesting when we're teaming up with a friend or family member. And now there's really no excuse, since Cryptic has a few rewards in Champions Online for those who bring new players.

You can learn all about it in the referral program page, and check the benefits right below.

* Sapphire action figure to both you and your recruit.

* You and your recruit will be linked up automatically in the friends list, making it easy to find each other.

* From the friends list, you and your recruit can teleport to each other from nearly anywhere in the world!

* 5% bonus experience.

* 5% bonus resources.

* 5% bonus damage output.

* You get an extra costume slot for every recruit that purchases Champions Online.

* Bonus reward for your first convert: Spatial Manipulator - Warp to the nearest Powerhouse.

* For the second recruit that purchases, in addition to the costume slot, you get: Farlong Device - Warp to the nearest Transport location.

* For every recruit that subscribes, you get 400 Cryptic Points. For every two recruits that subscribe, you get 30 days of game time in addition to the points.