Atari and Cryptic have just released the top 10 Star Trek locations. Take a look below.

Star Trek Online is scheduled for February.

10. Deep Space K-7
While the station is nearly 150 years old, and it’s had its share of trouble with Tribbles, you’ll be able to visit K-7 in-game. Just make sure you don’t beam back to your ship with any new furry friends.

9. Andoria
Home of the Andorians, a proud, blue-skinned race with antennae on their head. You’ll be able to visit the system in-game, meet the locals, and maybe part with a few new missions under your belt. Just be careful: Andorians are telepaths... or maybe that was just Jeffrey Combs?

8. Mutara Sector
Khan! Or, more accurately: KKKhhhaaannn!!! This is it. This is where Khan Noonien Singh drew his last breath and for hate's sake, spat it at Captain James T. Kirk. The famous battlefield of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, present and accounted for.

7. H’atoria
H’atoria is a small Klingon outpost near the Federation border, and now that the Khitomer Accords (peace treaty between the Federation and Klingons) have broken down, it’s sure to be quite the little warzone.

6. Wolf 359
Wolf 359 is the location where Captain Picard – after being assimilated by the Borg and stylishly renamed Locutus – annihilated a Starfleet armada in 2367. Present at the battle was then Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko, whose wife was killed when the ship they were on was destroyed by Locutus' Borg Cube. In 2409, you’ll be able to visit Wolf 359 and unfold a story of your own.

5. Gateway
The world upon which the Guardian of Forever rests. it is both machine and being, but neither. It is exists now and then, but in neither time! It is both rock and time machine, but... well, it is both!

4. Vulcan
Spock’s home world and the home system of the race to make 'First Contact' with humans, eventually leading to the formation of the United Federation of Planets. Which, of course, led to Kirk and Bones, Picard and Riker, and Wesley and Jake. Well, they can’t all be icons of an era.

3. Qo’noS
Home to the Klingon Empire. The explosion of a nearby moon, Praxis, may have temporarily robbed Qo'noS of oxygen and an ozone layer, but the Empire endured. And now Qo'noS is the beating heart of an interstellar force of warriors on the verge of conquering the stalwart Federation.

2. Risa
Like Vegas + Hawaii... In space. Long known as a pleasure planet and destination of many a Starfleet officer with a weekend pass, Risa will make an appearance in Star Trek Online, as well. Just don’t lose your shirt – they keep track of that stuff in Starfleet. Risa, baby! Risa!

1. Deep Space 9
Deep Space 9 was the home to Benjamin Sisko and his crew for nearly a decade, and while the crew has moved on by 2409, the station remains, and is a central figure in Star Trek Online’s story.

If you need us, we’ll be at Quark’s bar. He’s long since retired, but the place remains very similar to how he left it, and we’re sure the money you’ll spend there will find its way back to him. And remember Rule of Acquisition No. 147: People love the bartender.