Josef "Minuvo" Shindler, Alganon Systems & Data Designer, discusses the upcoming class changes in the new Alganon Developer Blog. "The Dawning" in-game event is getting closer and Quest Online decided to tell us how they plan to balance the classes. You can read all the changes below.

Dawning Class Changes Preview
By Josef "Minuvo" Shindler, Alganon Systems & Data Designer

Greetings heroes! We've been preparing a massive class update to coincide with the completion of the Dawning and instances and wanted to give everyone a preview of the changes to come. We know all of you are preparing for the challenges ahead and we want to make sure you're ready when they arrive.


I'll make this quick. We're going to reduce the benefit focus regeneration gets from soul. We think it would be more fun overall if base soul regen was lower so we could give classes that use focus different mechanics to retain their casting power. Think of how ranger presences work. We won't be reducing soul based regen until we can implement changes for casting classes to compensate.


Right now healers are sitting in a fairly good spot. Their core role is solidly defined and they have a good deal of damage capability they can specialize into. They tend to be one dimensional in either regard however - healing isn't as challenging as we'd like and damage is good or bad based on how resistant your target is to wrath damage. We're looking at ways for healers to control their momentum better and offer a better variety of choices in combat.


Magi are doing great. Ability specializations of all kinds are being used and the class as a whole is very healthy. Magi suffer from the same one-dimensionality that spirit mastery healers do however; if your target is particularly strong against your specialization then you tend to suffer. Prior to instances launching you'll be seeing ability changes that allow you to split your damage between your elemental types without greatly impacting your damage.


There's been a lot of flurry about rangers on the forums. We are listening to your concerns and agree some changes need to be made. One of the first things on our list is to alter how abilities affect your ranged damage. The Predation tree is going to see some huge changes but the overall feel is going to be the same. Additionally you're going to see some higher definition done on group synchronization. We want rangers to be much, much stronger in groups.


The recent soldier changes are the first step in an effort to develop different play styles for each specialization. We didn't like how anger was really weak at low levels. We didn't like how you could almost ignore it at high levels. The normalization is the first step and you'll be seeing future changes that will make anger generation a strategy of choice instead of necessity.