In the State of the Game post of January 26th, 2010, Cryptic reveals some important details in the future of Champions Online. Besides the "Kitchen Sink" patch - which, as it happens, turned the game into something of a mess, with more lag, and several other issues - we discovered the first expansion for Champions Online: Vibora Bay.

The notes read: "Vibora Bay is one of the Gulf Coast’s largest and most exciting cities. It’s a center of commerce, culture, tourism, and some incredibly strange goings-on. It maintains unusual traditions of mysticism and religion along with an eclectic group of inhabitants and frequent paranormal activities. Heroes constantly face threats of global proportions, but this time the crisis is greater than ever. The apocalypse has come, and it rides upon the half angelic / half demonic wings of Therakiel."

This will be a level 37 – 40 adventure pack, and there's a new web page in development just for Vibora Bay. Those who were expecting it to be free will be disappointed, since Daeke from Cryptic had this to say: "I'll cut off this speculation before it even begins. Vibora will be our first paid content expansion. I can't talk pricing yet, but it will not be something on the scale of a full boxed game. It is a new zone, and will be priced accordingly."

More details on this expansion and the overall state of Champions Online as we get them.