Fallout MMORPGThe legal battle between Interplay and Bethesda for the Fallout MMO licence rages on, but there are new developments. It seems that Interplay and Masthead Studios - the Earthrise developers, another MMORPG - reached an agreement to develop the infamous post-apocalyptic Massively Multiplayer Online Game, code named Project: V13.

Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Herve Caen said, "Masthead’s technology is impressive and perfect for our Project: V13. Its team is passionate to bring our vision and game play to the market. This MMOG will have many unique features that we will disclose before launch of the public Beta in 2012."

Masthead Studios President Atanas Atanasov said, "Project: V13 incorporates many creative and technological innovations. We believe it will be a unique experience. Our technology will continue to evolve in order to realize all the extraordinary content and features Interplay has designed."

Could this be a serious blow to Bethesda's intentions, or just a small and inconsequent step for Interplay? What do you think?