The Champions Online expansion previously known as Vibora Bay is now called Revelation.

This is the first official expansion pack for Champions Online, and one that was supposed to be paid. But Cryptic listened to their fans and will now be offering Revelation for free!

Here's a message from Champions Online Executive Producer, Bill Roper:

Recently, there has been a lot of internal debate regarding the Revelation expansion and how it should be delivered to our community. Simply, Revelation represents some of the best work to date on Champions. The expansion features an epic storyline filled with noble heroes and terrifying villains and it's set in gorgeous new environments. We've also incorporated many suggestions from the community on what they want: new gameplay areas, new powers, new rewards, and more challenging gameplay are just some of the additions.

And so, while we may have originally built Revelation to be a paid expansion pack, we reconsidered our decision based on recent community discussion. Our community means everything to us and if we can make them happy, we will.

I'd like to reassure everyone that going free does not in any way imply Revelation is unworthy of a price tag. It is still legitimate expansionary content -- same as ever. Now it's just very, very nicely priced expansionary content. No better price than free, right?

We'll be releasing more information on Revelation very soon. Until then, start leveling up your Champions!