The April release of Issue 17: Dark Mirror for City of Heroes/Villains, will bring great news to players of this super-hero MMO. Also, we have new info on the Going Rogue expansion pack, which is set for July.

You can read all about the upcoming changes below, as well as watch some comparison shots at the City of Heroes site.

City of Heroes Preps for Visual Renovations and Hero/Villain Transformations

Paragon Studios Brings Improved Graphics and Content with Issue 17 and Excites Fans with Going Rogue Expansion Pre-Purchase Details

The world's most popular super-powered hero MMORPG continues to delight players with its new super-powered graphics, content and game enhancements coming with Issue 17 "Dark Mirror" this April. The free update includes a superior graphics rendering process, dubbed "Ultra Mode," that will give City of Heroes a new look and feel with a heightened level of detail in lighting, reflections, shadows and water effects. Ultra Mode will be scalable to ensure that all City of Heroes fans can enjoy their favorite comic-inspired game.

In addition to Ultra Mode enhancements, as part of Issue 17 players will confront a new and nefarious foe who will be able to match them blow for blow. Other features within Issue 17 "Dark Mirror" include:

* New badges, new missions and new player emotes
* Epic Archetypes now available at level 20
* Improvements and additions to Mission Architect
* Enhancements to UI and game systems
* And dozens more

As players embark on the last major update to City of Heroes before the highly anticipated Going Rogue expansion, NCsoft is giving players a chance to enjoy early access to two Going Rogue power sets. Beginning March 2, players who pre-purchase City of Heroes Going Rogue will be given immediate early access to the Dual Pistols power set, and access to the Demon Summoning power set starting in April.

Additionally, gamers new to the City of Heroes franchise can purchase the City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection, which includes City of Heroes, City of Villains and City of Heroes Going Rogue, as well as 30 days of free game time. Those who purchase this bundle at retail will be rewarded with the Complete Collection Item Pack featuring the following bonus items:

* Alpha- and Omega-themed auras
* Alpha and Omega themed costumed sets
* Four stance emotes
* The Shadowy Presence invisibility power

City of Heroes fans will get their chance to explore the grey area between heroism and villainy in Going Rogue this July with the beta beginning in the Spring.