global agenda mmoGlobal Agenda, the team-based shooter-MMO from independent developer Hi-Rez Studios, launches today. Hi-Rez Studios debut title has been in development since 2005 and is now in stores, Steam, Amazon marketplace, and can also be purchased directly from Hi-Rez Studios at

All players who purchase Global Agenda receive free access to Global Agenda: Conquest until March 3, 2010.

Players in Global Agenda can experience both co-op and competitive multiplayer shooter features after a one-time purchase of the game. An optional subscription package, called "Global Agenda: Conquest" is available for players who wish to participate in a massive-scale game of territory control on a persistent world map.

As a special agent playing only the non-subscription features, players can fully level eight different agent characters, participating in both player-vs-player and cooperative missions, as they infiltrate locations belonging to a totalitarian faction, The Commonwealth, and establish themselves inside the game world.

Players in Global Agenda: Conquest form their own groups, called Agencies. These Agencies conquer territory, construct facilities, manufacture vehicles, raid bases, and engage in formal and informal alliances and betrayals on their way toward world domination. The Conquest meta-game revolves around player-driven politics and strategy with each battle being resolved via squad-based combat.