A forum post by a Hi-Rez Studios team member shows the Global Agenda plans for the next months. They plan to release significant features before the end of March.

MMO changes:
The single most significant change we are planning to release is a 'open world' type of PvE gameplay located around Dome City. The missions are based on helping Dome City stay intact against enemies, sabotage, and maintaining support infrastructure.

The key features for this zone are the following:

* A large area that has a number of different repeatable PvE type missions given out by NPCs
* Missions will be available for different size groups (ranging from Solo to 10 person teams)
* Different PvE Objective types (like defending an area against waves of enemies)
* Multiple groups/players playing in the same zone (we are trying to find a good balance of how many currently)
* Zone will have safe and unsafe spots (unsafe meaning other players can damage/kill you)
* Players can come in/out of area easily and be in Queue for regular PvP, PvE, and AvA missions while in the zone

Loot and Crafting

* New crafting and loot will be available for creating Rare and Epic weapons and devices

If the feedback is positive, they plan to release an additional open zone before the end of April.

A survey also allowed Hi-Rez to find out what the players want in Conquest (ranked by order of importance):

1. Make it easier for smaller agencies to compete
2. Give better rewards for playing in AvA
3. Add additional get modes in AvA
4. Add additional maps and content
5. Add more to do while your strike team waits for an AvA mission
6. Make it easier for solo players to engage in AvA
7. Provide more flexibility on when your agency can attack/defend territories
8. Add additional zones for Europe and Oceania
9. Better tutorials and info

Based on this feedback, but also on their own experience, observations and data mining, they plan on making the following additions and changes to AvA. These are currently targeted to be completed by the end of Feb and playable early in March.

AvA Changes:

* New Mission type: Resource Raids
Resource raids will allow players to form a strike force and attack a territory to steal the resources being produced. These missions use the Payload game type with (2 or 3 new maps). This should allow for more action in the AvA zones and make it more difficult for groups to own very large territories without worrying about defending them. It's has a lower risk/reward for both attackers and defenders and allows more players to participate in AvA.

* New Hex type: Defense Facility
Defense Facilities have no direct production of any type. Defense facilities automatically provide protection to territories around them (but not against resource raids). The current defenses consist of missile barrages that will kill/slow down enemy players when active. While it's possible (but harder) to take over a territory near a Defense facility, it is advisable to bring down the Defense facility first. Defense facilities use a domination map type with multiple capture points.

* Unbuilt Hexes
A new map type using the Control game play type was added.

* New Hex type: Upgrade Production Facility
This new facility will allow agencies to create components used for personal armor and weapon upgrades (like Rusty Plates, etc). This will allow agencies that are less interested in the 'win' condition to create personal rewards sooner.

* Increase in AVA production
It's more fun to have more of the AvA specific items while fighting in the AvA maps, so all production will be increased.

* Public Chat Channel to support LFG
A new chat channel will work across all public areas in order to help players more easily find other players to group with.

* HQ closing
Agencies will close the HQ locations for two days a week (days of their choice). All other areas will still be open to attack/defend. This should allow smaller groups to defend at least one territory with less of a time commitment each week.

* New Qs
In addition to AvA changes new Qs will be available for 4v4 and 10v10 premade teams. In the future more functionality will be added to those Qs for arena/ladder type reporting and rewards.