The events keep on happening at Quest Online, publisher of Alganon. First we had the change of business model - from monthly subscription to subscription free -, then Derek Smart replaced Dave Allen as President, and now Derek himself delivers great news to all Alganon players.

There was some apprehension regarding players who paid the Alganon monthly subscriptions since the soft launch in December, 2009. But now Derek Smart says those players will be refunded:

"All paid subscriptions are going to be refunded 100% with the game's official launch and there will be an email address setup for you to request your refund.

I already approved the budget to do this. Believe me, nobody likes giving money away, but I felt that it is the right thing to do given the current circumstances and the team valiantly backs me up on this. For me, it is an apology of sorts because the game you paid up to a year for is not the game that you got when you signed up. Though I wasn't around when it happened, I would still like to apologize for that."

Now that is something that makes you feel good inside, don't you agree?