The StarGate Worlds MMORPG has been in quite some trouble since 2008, with developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment apparently ceasing to pay their employees. Things have been on and off since then, and then we had a surprising turn of events in the shape of third-person multiplayer shooter Stargate Resistance. It was supposed to use assets from the MMO and turn out some profit to help development costs, but it didn't work out as expected.

Now Cheyenne posted an open letter to shareholders, where they state that the company has filed for bankruptcy. As for the Stargate Worlds situation, this sentence speaks for itself: "With regard to actual operations, game development has ceased. Not to be redundant, but there are no employees."

A new company, Fresh Start Studios, has been set up "in an effort to preserve the game and prevent it from going offline", as it was the most likely scenario.