Sony Online Entertainment is taking its time with their PC and PS3 MMO spy-shooter The Agency. Some rumors pointed out to a release by the end of 2010, but nothing has been confirmed. But now, in a GDC interview, SOE president John Smedley told Gametrailers that The Agency will be playable within weeks. Great news for those who are expecting a game that was announced in 2006.

But... is this playable The Agency the one we're expecting? Let's see what John Smedley has to say about it:

"Here's an interesting comment I'll make: you're going to see something around The Agency very soon, like weeks. And I mean playing within weeks. And the MMO itself, you're going to be seeing that... I don’t want to give an exact time frame when we're ready to release it."

So, what could it be? A promotional flash game? Or even a Facebook game? In a few weeks we'll know.