Kalicanthus Entertainment announced that their Fantasy MMORPG Craft of Gods will be released on May 27th, 2010. The game will launch as a digital download in English, Russian, German and Italian languages, while Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also have the game available as a fully localized Retail Version, distributed by Software Discount 99. The recommended retail price for the German boxed version is € 29,90 and includes a number of exclusive special items such as a unique mount unobtainable in game (the millipedes), an epic weapon that will grow with the character and a special cloak.

Pre-orders of the digital versions are already under way, with the Standard Edition priced at € 24.90 with one month subscription included and a Deluxe Collector’s Edition priced at € 29.90 RRP including one month of subscription plus 2 bonuses: a special cloak and an epic weapon.

The monthly subscription will cost € 8.90.

Expansions are already planned, and the first one, to be released three months after the Craft of Gods launch will be free and feature content such as Flying Mounts, Caravans, Weather spells and God's Abilities. To learn more head over to the official website.