Final Fantasy XIV MMORPGThis week's issue of Famitsu will feature a lot of details from the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. Apparently they're from the alpha version.

Read them here, and here's the link to the original post:

•Area changes between cities and the field are seamless
•BGM flows naturally
•Private instances will not be interrupted by things happening around you (chat, crowdedness)
•The L3 button is the target lock
•Everyone can use teleport from the beginning
•Warp (like FFXI) sends you back to your home point, which is defaulted to the last Aetherite you used.
•There are only male Highlanders.
•You can only play as female Miqo’te, but males exist.
•There is a difference in starting stats between tribes, but this can be overcome with character growth (?)
•Gender has no effect on play
•Roegadyn females exist (does not say they are playable)
•The difference between tribes isn’t that big
•The opening will be real time, not pre-rendered.

•Flow of battle:
◦Select target with directional keys
◦Draw weapon with R1
◦Select commends with directional keys
◦Effect gauge charges

•Alpha was made with casual gamers in mind, too, but it may still be difficult
•Players will be able to reallocate stats in the final version
•They want to make teleport and warp available for all classes, and make it low-cost.
•After alpha comes beta 1, then beta 2. PS3 should be playable from beta 2.
•Alpha and beta 1 will be mostly the same thing.
•Parties cannot be formed unless the other members are close to you when inviting them.
•There are five different ranks of guildleve difficulty.
•After being defeated in battle, there is a five minute “weakened” state (It may be possible to be revived without a raise spell?)
•There are things like attack magic which can be used without MP
•Casting while moving is possible
•There are MP restoring abilities
•HP regenerates pretty quickly in passive mode