TERA MMORPGFantasy MMORPG TERA has seen its official website go through a major overhaul. En Masse Entertainment added quite a few changes to make the site more complete and user-friendly. Here is the list of changes:

• All-new "race gallery" design.
• Removal of Flash elements.
• Improved menu bar organization.
• Addition of the Community menu.
• New "The World" lore content in the About TERA menu.
• New music tracks in the Music section of the Media menu.
• Updated fansite kit.
• Fixed assorted bugs related to the RSS feed, "forward to a friend" function, and saving of account settings.

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a promising MMO game that En Masse Entertainment is bringing to the West, and they recently welcomed some industry heavyweights into their team.