Quest Online released the patch for the revamped MMO Alganon. The official notes are as follows:

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue that could cause players to be returned to their bind point upon login.
* Nameplates are no longer affected by the underwater distortion effect.
* Players will no longer get stuck in the Recall animation after casting it.
* Fixed an issue where some weapons were not set to the correct size.
* Fixed an error that displayed when the player opened their chat options while dead.
* Lethe Caves - Bone Dens: The Avatar of Death's phase 2 skeletons now correctly display their timers.
* Tooltips in the Quest Log now properly close when the Log is closed.
* Ability descriptions will now fit completely in the trainer's description window.
* Warfiend Karr - Barbican: Stonebelly Jaxx will no longer lead into a fight with the Stonebelly buff.
* Temple of Balam'karr - Inner Sanctum: Chieftain Stonehammer now attacks players who attack his Blackrock Idols.
* Fixed a rare error where newly created characters could not speak with quest givers or open UI windows.
* /lfg will now correctly flag a player as looking for group.
* Lusha'aton - Tempest Temple: The mobs inside tempest temple will now correctly play their attack animations.
* Fixed a number of typos in the game data.
* Mobs will no longer approach the death stone at Silverwar's Outpost.
* Players can now follow their group mates using either /follow or right clicking on their target portrait and selecting 'Follow'.

Gameplay Enhancements, Game Balance and New Features

* The Alganon Launcher is no longer required to play Alganon, using Alganon.exe instead of the Launcher will allow you to enter Alganon one step faster. You will still want to use the Launcher (or "AlganonPatcher" in your Start Menu) to download patches.
* You may no longer send account-wide mail to your own account.
* Significantly improved mail performance for characters with large amounts of mail.
* Removed the limit on visible mail temporarily imposed in the last patch.
* Nameplate view distance slider has been added to the Interface Options.
* Mail Icons have been added to the Mailbox interface.
* Players can now choose what information is displayed in NPC nameplates, ranging from NPC names, health, and faction.
* Added Target of Target and Focus Target options.
* Added a soft selection method; it should now be easier to loot mobs.
* Moving UI elements around will now display a blue glow where they are going to dock.
* The global cooldown will now cancel when the player interupts their own spell casting, allowing them to switch spells faster.
* Added a tooltip to the ingame clock which will display local time as well as game time.
* Antialiasing options were added to Video Options.
* Added a death stone to Northwestern for players who die in Wash Targ.
* Bur Clasp - Northern Dig: Improved the AI of Krash'dunn the Immortal.
* The default Loot Rule is now Need Before Greed.
* Trial players now play on the regular servers with Trial restrictions in place.
* Lusha'aton: Both parts of this instance have received a balancing pass to make it more challenging for players.

Class Changes


* Rangers can no longer stack multiple Heart Toxins on a single target.


* Focused Strike can now be used during the global cooldown.