Guild Wars 2 MMORPG gameThere's a new article on the Guild Wars 2 official website, this time detailing the dynamic events in the ArenaNet developed MMORPG. It was written by Colin Johanson, Lead Content Designer for Guild Wars 2.

This is set to shake up the tired foundations of the quest system, it's enough just to see and hear the world to know what we're supposed to do:

"In Guild Wars 2, our event system won't make you read a huge quest description to find out what's going on. You'll experience it by seeing and hearing things in the world. If a dragon is attacking, you won't read three paragraphs telling you about it, you'll see buildings exploding in giant balls of fire, and hear characters in the game world screaming about a dragon attack. You'll hear guards from nearby cities trying to recruit players to go help fight the dragon, and see huge clouds of smoke in the distance, rising from the village under siege."

The player's decisions will also alter a zone and even the way events are played out:

"Our dynamic events evolve in response to player interaction and the outcomes they achieve. Where previous systems reset and start again and really don't change the world, dynamic events chain and cascade across a zone and leave persistent effects in the game world after the event has ended."

There is a lot more to learn about this revolutionary system, so head here to know more.