All Points Bulletin lead designer EJ Moreland revealed that their MMO won't feature any kind of paid DLC or microtransactions.

“We won’t be offering items for sale for real money. We have no DLC. Any update we do throughout the cycle is free except when we do a major retail event, which will add almost a completely new game."

“Throughout the year, we’re going to release both content updates, which are new missions, new clothing assets, new weapons, new vehicles. Basically, new things for the players to earn, customize, or experience.

“Then we have much larger updates, which will come less frequently, called activity updates. [These will] introduce new gameplay, new rulesets, or new large additions to the game. Then probably once every year or so, we’ll also do a retail event, which will be an expansion.”

APB is scheduled for June 29 in the US and July 2 in Europe. You can learn about the minimum requirements and the subscription model.