All Points Bulletin isn’t getting the best reviews, and Realtime Worlds started planning some changes to the gameplay. Over the next few weeks they will work on the following aspects, among others, as posted on the official site:

Catching and removing cheaters from the game remains our top priority. Expect further news on this soon.

Vehicle Handling
We're already underway on a major overhaul to vehicle handling to make cars more responsive and less slippy overall. You'll still be able to power slide around corners in stylish fashion, but steering is more responsive overall and easier to get the hang of early on.

We're looking at almost every aspect of combat - how it looks, feels and sounds, as well as weapon characteristics and tactics. Weapon changes will be put up on the Public Test World to get some feedback in due course.

We're taking a look at both the way in which player threat is calculated and how mission offers are distributed to players to try and improve the matchmaking experience overall.

We'll be addressing a number of the worst camping spots in the game in an upcoming patch. We'll be tackling the rest on an ongoing basis.

Investigations are already under way into ways to make mission objectives more interactive and to try and add a bit more strategy to the actual missions themselves, not just the combat surrounding them.

We're currently looking at adding a 'newbie' ruleset to give players a safe place to learn the game against other new players, and of course we're still progressing work on the 'pure skill' ruleset that was mentioned towards the end of closed beta. The Chaos ruleset hasn't been forgotten about either.

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