World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMORPG GameAccording to Cory Stockton, lead world designer on World of Warcraft, the forthcoming expansion Cataclysm will keep the players interested, even if they've been playing WoW for five years.

“I think what we’re doing now could hold a player whose done it from one to 60 five times, easily,”

“It’s not going to feel like just the world has changed, the way that you play your class all the way through will feel very different.

“I feel it’s going to be better for new players or new players that we might have lost at some point along the way – to feel more compelled to get all the way through.”

“And then players that have already done it multiple times, I would hope, will see the new race and class combinations. That to me is one of the bigger things that would draw people in.”

World of Warcraft is expected for this year, but it isn't confirmed. You can read the full interview on VG247.