Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO GameDaniel Erickson, BioWare's lead designer and story writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic told CVG that both MMO players and BioWare RPG fans will be extremely pleased with SWTOR. In fact, he says that this will be "the dream game".

Erickson added "If you’re someone that loves everything an MMO brings to the table, loves the community aspect, loves being able to see other people and say: ‘I have better shoulder pads than you do,’ everything you loved about MMOs is there for you."

But you'd better be interested in a complex narrative: "But if the idea of story and context really turns you off, if what you want is the just complete Disneyland experience, where you run on the rides and repeat the stuff, this probably isn’t your favorite MMO."

Erickson then goes on to a bold claim: SWTOR is “bigger than every BioWare game we’ve done put together".