Cryptic Studios leeps on providing Champions Online players with new and free content. This time, the new adventure pack is called Demonflame, and features new storylines, locations and rewards. Oppose Luther Black, a sorcerer in the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, as he seeks to become a King of Edom. The Demonflame adventure pack is now available as a free and automatic download for Champions Online subscribers.

Demonflame follows Luther Black, a villain who used the awesome power of his DEMON organization to initiate the Demonflame incident. With vile magic and human sacrifice, Luther created a burning tower that rose into the sky. Eventually, Luther's plan was foiled and the tower disappeared. Now, Black has taken a desperate gamble to re-create the Demonflame incident. If he succeeds, he may be able to open a portal to the Qliphothic realm and attain the apotheosis of unnatural power.

Key features for Demonflame include:

• Challenge Yourself: Play from levels 11 - 40 and team sizes 1- 5. Challenges scale to match.
• New Enemies: Encounter villains of DEMON including Jack Fool, The Left Hand and the Master Magus known as Luther Black.
• A Realm of Chaos: Explore the chaotic expanses of the Qliphotic Realm and its towering
demon spires.
• UNTIL's Project Hermes: Earn UNTIL Merits from Project Hermes to buy special costume pieces, action figures, devices and more.