Sura Online MMORPGA new Korean game developer, Tempest 9 has released the first gameplay video of Sura Online, an Oriental style action MMORPG.

Sura Online is in development for one year by Tempest 9, founded by former-developers from NCsoft, NEXON and Neowiz Games. It aims to be an action game where attack as well as defense coexists with an Oriental world view as its background. You can control several dozen various actions with arrow keys and just 3 keys: A, S, and D.

Just like other MMORPGs, the user can select one's job through changing jobs, and PvE unfolding the stories with different quests for every race as well as the high-tension PvP will provide real enjoyment to users tired of existing action MMORPGs.

Sura Online is scheduled to complete its Closed Beta Test by the first half of 2011. Its publisher has not been decided yet.